Online English School

Trans-Asia is pleased to present Study-Now. Study-Now is a major e-learning tool designed to help students develop practical skills in English for business. It can be used either on its own, or as part of our Instructor-Led Training solutions.

Study-Now is a comprehensive and innovative means for learning English on the Web. Developed by our Australian affiliate Lexxicorp, Study-Now presently features an extensive course on Business English, with material ranging from Elementary to Advanced, and short courses designed to hone specific skills.

What makes Study-Now unique is the fact that it offers users the ability to sign up at three different access levels, with the highest level offering live interaction with teachers. This hybrid approach means that Study-Now can serve either as a supplement to existing English language learning programs or as an independent program in itself.

Study-Now facilitates teacher interaction through chat and email, as well as via feedback on writing, listening and speaking exercises completed by the student.

Click here to go directly to the Study-Now Tour to learn more about how this innovative course can help you.