Instructor-Led Training

Trans-Asia offers unique solutions for multinational organizations seeking to bolster the language and business skills of their staff. Led by our flagship Business English program, we offer a lineup of courses that can be tailored to your needs and that are designed to be cost-effective, results-oriented and highly convenient.

The mainstay of our Corporate Training offerings is our Business English course, which combines the guidance and motivation of teacher-led instruction with the cost-effectiveness and convenience of e-learning at its most innovative. The result is comprehensive yet flexible training for students, and a clear, trackable return on investment for employers.

We believe that this approach resolves the problems widely associated with traditional language learning techniques, and is especially well geared for busy students and their budget-conscious employers. We call the approach "hybrid learning," because it combines personal instruction with self-paced study in an interactive, rich-multimedia environment.

With the hybrid learning approach, key skills are taught face-to-face, in one-on-one or small group lessons developed and delivered by skilled instructors. Students then reinforce what they have learned by completing interactive lessons online, using our Study-Now course. Structure is provided by more than 200 hours of curriculum content developed by some of the most experienced writers working in language instruction today.

We also consider the needs of employers. Our online Company Page enables employers to track student use of the online course, the results of progress tests, and even review individual feedback offered by teachers to students.