E-Learning Development

The Trans-Asia team is able to call on its substantial experience and capabilities in content creation, Web development and multimedia production to produce e-learning (Web-based training) courses tailored to the needs of your organization. Naturally, we can produce these courses in the language of your target market.

Planning a global rollout of your latest product or service? Consider the benefits of Web-based training for getting your product reps up to speed. Need to make your employees aware of compliance issues such as privacy? Use e-learning for a convenient, engaging and comprehensive approach.

The advantages of customized e-learning solutions in terms of cost, convenience and the potential for rich interactivity make it an attractive solution. And Trans-Asia's expertise in producing and managing multilingual content mean that providing training in multiple languages is surprisingly affordable.

Whether your need is a short tutorial or a full-scale course of training, Trans-Asia can provide a rich-multimedia solution tailored to an audience in any market.