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16.Aug.2012 category: Careers

Translators (Japanese to English/English to Japanese)

Translation tips 1-6

06.Feb.2010 category: Article

tip 1 : Be aware of your potential translation needs so that you can identify them early in the process.

Trans-Asia Announces Founding of Diplomat Events

18.Feb.2008 category: News

Sydney, Trans-Asia Inc. is pleased to announce the founding of Diplomat Events Pty., Ltd. to provide event and association management services. Diplomat Events will operate under the aegis of Lexxicorp Pty., Limited, the Trans-Asia Group's holding company in Australia.

Trans-Asia Posts Record Sales, Profit in 2007

16.Jan.2008 category: News

Trans-Asia Inc. is pleased to report that the Company posted record sales and profit for the 2007 fiscal year, which ended December 31, 2007.

Lexxicorp to Be Made Holding Company

14.Jan.2008 category: News

Trans-Asia Inc. announces that its Australian affiliate, Lexxicorp Pty Limited will be made a holding company for Trans-Asia's publishing and other interests in Australia, effective Monday, March 3, 2008.

Living with a divided government

31.Dec.2007 category: Article

Fukuda has already changed his government's style in response to the new circumstances. He has signaled that he will jettison his predecessor's ideological bent, shutting down a committee established to implement Abe's vision of a "Beautiful Japan".

What happens next?

31.Dec.2007 category: Article

Abe has now been replaced by Yasuo Fukuda. Fukuda is unlikely to prove as inept as his predecessor. It remains to been seen, however, whether he faces the same fate in the general election. There are good reasons for not counting him out yet.

Reasons for the rout

31.Dec.2007 category: Article

The electoral rout has three main causes. As is often the case in Japan, scandal played a role. Hapless Prime Minister Shinzo Abe managed to burn through five ministers during his short tenure, with no less than three agricultural ministers forced out because of financial irregularities.